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Has your "Field of Dreams" turned into a NIGHTMARE?

      The "Build it and they will come..." model doesn't always work in today's new economy. Let DataBox gently reintroduce you to the current reality by allowing us to design, build and operate the RIGHT size Data Center, in the RIGHT market, offering the RIGHT products at the RIGHT price for you and your customers... anywhere in the world!

      Numerous, small, distributed MOBILE DataBoxes, interconnected by low-cost, high speed bandwidth, offer the benefits of both a virtual large Data Center and a global network with a much lower risk of capital. DataBox provides the professional services to design, build and operate "Lego-block" micro Data Centers that can serve as stand-alone franchise businesses capitalizing on economies of scale. Modular and scaleable, DataBox's patent-protected design and model allows you to grow, as you need to, once you have met customer demand.

      Let DataBox introduce you to the low-cost, high quality IP-based MOBILE Data Center solution that addresses OSI layers 1-4. And then in conjuction with you, our Franchise Parnters, DataBox, Inc. will customize layers 5 through 7 so that your individualized DataBox will address the needs of your local community be they:


  • E-Learing,
  • Tele-Medicine,
  • Video-on-demand,
  • Web Services,
  • Grid-Computing,
  • Managed IT Services
  • traditional Web Hosting,
  • ALL of the above OR any other critical private IP-based service.